Why take the Mock test before the cat exam? Why is it important?

Share Why take the Mock test before the cat exam? Why is it important?

Why take the Mock test before the cat exam? Why is it important?

As CAT 2018 is going to be held on 25th November 2018 and its high time to start taking your preparation to the next level. Taking test is a part of life whether it’s going to the doctor for an annual checkup or passing a driver’s test to get a license, people take tests throughout the life. Now you must have at least completed the basic preparation. The next step is to check your weaker sections and identify your strength to develop a plan accordingly. The best technique to do so is obviously by taking mock tests.

Why Mock Test?

Mock test is as important as the real CAT exam. The mock test helps in revising what all you have studied and known your strong and weak chunks. The mock test helps us to evaluate our preparation and let us know where do we have to focus and give time and work hard on a particular subject. 

New mock strategy-

Use 4’S-





As the CAT 2018 exam pattern has changed, aspirants will also need to adopt a new strategy. The new pattern is much better as compared to past years it is aspirant friendly as it gives freedom to move between the sections as per the will. 

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Are the mock tests similar to the actual test?

Many people believe that mock tests mimic the actual test because they are similar in pattern and presentation, but to be very frank, mock tests never similar to the actual test; instead, they try to show us the unpredictability more closely and that gives you enough confidence to face everything on the day of the exam.
What is the ideal time to start taking the mock test? Well, there is no right time for taking a mock test. Ideally, you should start taking the mock tests around 7 to 5 weeks before the test. By then, you would have completed your basic preparation as well.  It helps in building your confidence level. However, there are candidates who start taking mock tests as soon as they begin to prepare. They advocate the principle of learning from mistakes. According to them, when you take a mock test, you know which types of concepts you have to focus on and in what layer they appear in the test. This makes the classroom or textbook learning much easier and exciting. 
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How to analyze one’s performance in a mock test? 

As we know that practice leads to perfection, mock test will help you practice and perform well. Mock tests are supposed to be taken to understand your weakness and rectify your mistakes. As you take practical tests, you learn what are the areas in which you made the mistake and the reason behind it. The more you know about your weaknesses, the more you will work on those points. You must determine whether the mistake you are making is once or consistent. 

How often to take mock test? 

You should take at least 3 to 4 mock tests in a week and analyze them in between. Make sure you have at least 1-day gap in between 2 mocks so that you can analyze and prepare for the next test. Try to complete the test within 140 to 150 minutes. Keep at least 20 to 30 minutes of buffer time so you can try other questions that can generate more points. "Since you know you have to reach the end of the paper after 150 minutes, you tend to keep up. To do this, try only the easy and practical questions. first Try to solve the section in which you are comfortable and do not get stuck on any of the question for a long time skip that question which is time taking.  

At this point of time, Mock test should be your first priority as it will help the best for preparation. Now, that there is less than a month left you should be more focused towards your goal.

Key Drivers:-

  • Mock test is the practice test which helps in analyzing the preparation level.
  • Mock test is unpredictable just like the actual test. it is neither easy nor tough just like the actual exam. 
  • Don't take the scores of the mock test too seriously and don't lose confidence or become overconfident.
  • Make sure you take the mock test according to the new pattern and from the noted institute.
  • Try to attempt the easier section first. 
  • Allot duration for each section and topics. 

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