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Common Admission Test 2022 Preparation-Tips

With CAT 2022 being only few days away, your tension levels, as most competitors', should be getting through the roof. However, it is basic that you remain quiet at this crucial period and devise an examination arrange for that keeps you concentrated and on track. We’re assuming that by now you must have covered all the major topics of the three sections of the most competitive exam in the country and this is primarily the time to practice and revise for the final showdown. All you need right now is last minute tip.

The CAT or Common Admission Test is considered as the toughest test to crack and is probably the most feared exam in India. CAT 2022 is the most premium exam for getting admission in prominent institutes, not only in IIMs but in top management institutes. With the upswing of the number of students appearing for CAT 2022, one thing has remained constant over the last decade is- “the uncertainty”. Students are uncertain about their preparation; they feel unsettled till the last minute. They are unsure whether their efforts will result into that agreeable percentile of 95+.

 Well, you cannot jump the gun. Neither can you do it overnight. Over the last few months, you have been preparing with all the possible read and resources you have. CAT 2022 is going to conduct on November 2th, 2022.

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So, you still have 30 days to buck up and ensure that you do your best on the exam day that is going to decide your future. So, here are some tips for CAT 2022 Exam.

1) Start With Basics & Understand the Syllabus: While preparing for MBA Entrance CAT 2022, make sure that you understand basics to its very core. Many questions in the CAT 2022 exam are purely conceptual based. The management institutes conduct CAT entrance exam to test the understanding of your basic knowledge. And even if the questions are difficult, their solution starts with basics or defined formulas related to the problem. For Quantitative aptitude, you should be thorough with the basic 10th class maths. The rest is all about accuracy which can be built with practice and clarity of concepts. 

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2) Mock Tests are Must: The fear can only be overcome when you develop confidence. Confidence can be gained by taking mock tests in every 7-10 days. It is important to evaluate ‘where have you reached till date? ’It is necessary to be aware of one’s own mistakes and correct them in the right meantime. Solve all previous years’ CAT papers to get an idea of the whole. Experts say that some of the questions could also repeat. The purpose of taking mock tests is to estimate your strengths and weaknesses and therefore, strategize the preparation accordingly. The more mock tests you will give; the more uprise you will achieve.

3) Tricks: The CAT 2022 exam duration is of 180 minutes; 60 minutes for each section. The calculations are tedious and rigorous. In order to save time, you should know how to apply tricks and shortcuts to find the final answer. The calculation should be smart and quick. For this, you should learn various tricks beforehand and practice them during the preparation.

4) Reading and Vocabulary: To crack Verbal section, you should learn at least 5 CAT words daily. Observationally speaking, in CAT, 60-70% of words are from six alphabets A-S-P-I-C-E. Develop a habit of reading newspapers and magazines to improve reading speed. ‘The Hindu’ is recommended. Solve 2 RCs, 10 Para jumbles, 10 paragraph forming, and 10 sentence corrections daily to improve the accuracy of correct answers. Be aware of what's happening politically and economically in the world.


5) Game of Speed & Time: The CAT 2022 exam is a game of speed and time. If you can manage the both in one line, you have achieved excellence. Speed can come with practice. Practice as much as you can. A dose of 70-100 questions daily can yield a good speed.  Make a routine and schedule for studying and stick to it. Incorporating CAT preparation in and as your daily schedule will help you stick to your goal and will deliver the desired end result. 

6) Areas of Perfection and Weakness: Instead of focussing on all the topics in one go, you should first try to identify the topics with which you are most comfortable with. Focus on your strengths and attain perfection. And then, work on your weaknesses. This will help you boost your morale and confidence.

7) Important! Equal Preparation of all 3 Sections: Prepare and consider all the parts in all the 3 sections of CAT 2022 equally important.

Practice Your Shortcuts Well:  Although CAT is traditionally a conceptual exam based on core fundamentals, being conversant with all the shortcuts would help you to solve various problems with greater speed, thus giving you an edge as compared to your competitors. So, revise your shortcuts and know them as thoroughly as your fundamentals


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