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Hello friends, we all are currently amidst the wonderful Spring season and I am hopeful we all are enjoying this season with our dear ones. Though it’s all fun, Book My Colleges is here to remind you guys that registration for the CMAT exam is about to start anytime soon. 

CMAT is one of the most “talked about” B-School exams of all time whose score is considered by some of the most prestigious B-Schools, such as JBIMS, K J Somaiya, Great Lakes and others. CMAT exam is generally conducted in the months of April and May, this year the date on which the CMAT exam is to be conducted is 5 May. So, by keeping all this in mind it is high time we all should take our CMAT preparation more sincerely.

Hey! don’t panic, our only motive was to inform you about the latest details about the CMAT exam, and Book My Colleges is also here to support you and help you out in your journey of CMAT preparation.

Here are some strategies and Tips for CMAT.

  • Read the complete exam syllabus and check the 2024 exam pattern :- It is highly advisable to reread the official CMAT exam syllabus thoroughly, and stay up to date about the exam pattern and topic weightage.
  • Find out your weakness and strength :- There is an old saying, which goes ‘one man trash is another's treasure’ Similarly every aspirant has their own level of gasp on the different topics, it's up to you what topic you are more confident about. It is really important to group the exam topics as your strengths and weaknesses respectively.
  • Implementation #1: Now that you had grouped your strengths and weaknesses, it's time to work on them. If you have confidence on a particular topic, revisit and revise them regularly so that you don't lose the grasp of it (these are the topics which will surely turn into the ‘Ace In Your Sleeves’, believe me).
  • Implement #2: Now let’s move to our arch-nemesis ‘weakness’, we have to tackle it smartly, for that lets further split this group now in group 1 put all those topics that you think that can be turned into your strength with enough practice. And in group 2 put those topics which are still hard to deal with. It is highly advisable to focus more on group 1 and do as much as practice possible of this group.
  • Test yourself: Do mocks test solve past years' question papers, and record your result.
  • Analysis of the test : It is one of the if not THE most important part of the preparation, ANALYSIS of the test, by the thorough analysis of tests you get to learn more about your strengths and weaknesses and the areas on which you had to focus more. NEVER skip this step.
  • Track your progress: when you follow the above steps keep a record of your progress, what are the changes that you had noticed and what are the challenges and hindrances you had found in your preparation.
  • Follow ups : It’s the stage where you will have to take some follow up actions, like resolving the hinderance, time management, etc. and do as much as practices and the most IMPORTANT thing is to stay consistent, because as the cliché goes ‘Consistency is the key to success’.  

Thank you for reading our newsletter, we hope you find it useful. Please keep it in mind it is just the guide to boost up your CMAT preparation not any rule of thumb, you are free to modify it anyway possible according to your preparation goals. Book My Colleges again thanking you for your time, And if you have any query related to CMAT exam please contact us on the following,


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