How XAT 2023 is different from other Entrance exams

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XAT 2023 is different from other MBA entrances like CAT, CMAT , SNAP etc as it has a section on Decision Making.It checks our management aptitude on different cases and situations as ask us to identify correct recourse in these situations. 

XAT 2023 Tips to Crack / Important notes section wise 

Points to remember XAT 2023

XAT 2023 Verbal & Logical Ability 


Critical reading and reading Comprehension are majorly covered in this section. 

Reasoning skills is purely vocab based and a very fine balance is needed between quick reading and comprehension. 

Majority questions are inference based. 

XAT 2023 Decision Making and Analytical Reasoning 


It consist of various business situations like financial (sales, revenue, employee management, general management issues, ethical Issues and what we need to take corrective action for the stakeholder. 

Do not your personal biases rule the judgment and hold objectivity in the scene. 


XAT 2023 Quantitative Aptitude and Data Interpretation 


Geometry, Number Functions, Probability, Data Interpretation are the major topics asked in this section. 

Although this section has less weight-age unlike other exams like SNAP, IIFT but requires strong conceptual base and application. 



XAT 2023 General knowledge  


GK section was first introduced  in year 2013 , wherein 12 were on current affairs and 18 on static GK. Last 6 Months current events, economic and business events  are needed to be tracked. 

Awards, Books , Authors, Geography, Topics on abstract dimensions, common phrase, idiom are the common topics on which questions are asked. 

Ability to provide logical arguments, coherence of thoughts are observed by the examiner. 

Reading editorials of national newspapers is of great use.  

Sample essays should be written and practiced and content must be assessed. 



XAT 2023 Preparation Strategy  


Know all the details of exam like significant dates, Exam pattern, Syllabus , Things to be taken on exam date etc. 

Create a daily routine and fix time table for studying. Always start from topics carrying more weightage and start from right order. 

Practice well during last month of exam and have your own benchmarks to examine area of improvement. 

Take regular break during heavy preparation..exercise, go out, spend a little time with the so called idiot box too..! 


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