Last Minute Preparation for CMAT 2019

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Last Minute Tips for CMAT

CMAT (Common Management Admission Test) is an examination held on national level for getting entry into management council for technical education which is very important from the students point of view. Continuously every year under the guidance of the ministry of human resource development (MHRD) of India.


For 2019, NTA will be conducting the test. It is a computer based online test for three Hours.


Tips for the preparation of CMAT:


1. MANAGEMENT OF TIME:-Time management is very important to do any work and when talk about the competitive exams time management is a place where one needs to work on properly so he would be able to attempt possible no. of questions. In CMAT there are 100 questions and time limit for doing it is 180 minutes. GK section consists of 25 questions and for that one must take 10-15 minutes only to answer and the remaining 165 minutes are for the 75 questions on which one can invest more than two minutes on each and every questions so that he could solve the questions carefully.


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2. PRACTICE AND REVISE IMPORTANT TOPICS OF ANALYTICAL REASONING AND READING COMPREHENSION:- The most important topic in CMAT exams are the reading comprehensions (based on short passages) there are 4-5 passages consist 3 questions each and total of 15 questions in this questions are also based on critical reasoning. In logical reasoning more than half of the section is based on analytical reasoning topic of arrangements-linear and circular, selection and matching.


3. SHORTCUT FORMULAS FOR QUANTITATIVE ABILITY SECTION:-One should know about the shortcut formulas that are applied for solving the questions of quantitative ability section so that he would get enough time to solve the questions properly with reasonable accuracy and though it will save his time for solving the questions of other sections as well.


4. TAKE A COUPLE OF MOCK TEST:- So that it would help you to analyse your strategy that you are going to adopt for solving the questions while giving the exams. One should point that which section he should attempt first. Students must first attempt those sections in which they are good at so that it will give him the confidence for doing the other sections as well.


5. REMEMBER THE SECTIONAL CUTTOFF: - While solving the questions one must always remember that he should attempt questions from all the four sections. He must not focus only on one or two sections. Because sometimes it happens that the person who is good in quant section he tries to attempt to more questions from that section in order to score more but it does not actually works one needs to attempt questions from all the sections, because every section has been assigned equal number of marks.




Name of the section

No. of questions

No. of marks


Quantitative techniques




Logical reasoning




General awareness




Language comprehension











CONCLUSION:- One should follow the correct methods for the preparation of CMAT and rather than doing the hard work one must do smart work for the preparation purpose and he must follow important tips like, time management , revise and practice the important topics, shortcut formula for quantitative ability section, take a couple of mock test, remember the sectional cut offs.

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