Why Digital Marketing MBAs Are Becoming Increasingly Important

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Why Digital Marketing MBAs Are Becoming Increasingly Important

We all know that there is a great demand for digital marketing skills, and this gap is filled with those who know how to apply their theoretical knowledge to solve the problem that is in trouble. Although many institutions and colleges, such as IIM, have added digital marketing as a subject, they could not reach the bar when it comes to quality and practical knowledge.

This is due to the fact that digital marketing skills should not be spread by an expert or an individual who can apply his knowledge of the real world. Well, those experts/practitioners working in the industry. However, universities are employed by a professor who gives academic guidance to students.

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"What are the best universities for MBA in digital marketing?" Or What is the "Best Digital Marketing Master Degree?" Questions are common. Almost anyone, regardless of what they can get from it, makes MBA online or offline. But what can students do for postgraduate digital MBA courses?

Out of those highly-paid and satisfying jobs, here are few enlisted below:

1.      Digital Marketing Manager:

Responsibilities of a Digital Marketing Manager

  •         Leading Digital Marketing team
  •         Reporting to Vice President of marketing
  •         Combining different components of Digital Marketing
  •         Making the Digital Marketing strategy efficient

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2.      Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Specialist :

Responsibilities of a Digital Marketing Manager

  •         Translate the work of marketing executive into successful SEO campaigns
  •          Keyword researching, auditing content, checking image tagging & sitemaps
  •          Boosting social shares
  •          Keep pace with changing trends in the SEO world
  •          Look for statistics

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3.      Social media marketing Expert: Social media marketing is concerned with spreading the content via social media platforms. With the addition of new targeting options and features added almost every single day, the requirement for a social media marketer is increasing day by day.

Responsibilities of Social Media Marketing Expert

  •          Run advertisements on social media platforms
  •          Social Media Strategizing

4.      PCC Specialist: After doing PPC or SEM certification, you can apply for PPC specialist job. However, remember that you can’t excel in the PPC field if you know nothing practically.

Responsibilities of a PPC Specialist

  • Targeting the number of leads & Clicks in a given budget
  • Keyword Research
  • Split testing the ad campaign
  • Bid Management
  • Ad copywriting

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5.      Inbound Marketing Manager: The inbound marketer creates a strategy on how to attract customers.

Responsibilities of an Inbound Marketer

  •          Manage funnel and conversion at each stage
  •          Drip marketing
  •          Lead nurturing
  •          Conversion rate optimization

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6.      Content Marketing Manager: Content marketing is the king (we’ve heard it several times by now)…This implies, there are many opportunities available to those who know the tactics of writing well online. You can also work from home without any hustle.

Responsibilities of content marketers

  • Content Marketing and managing blogs, ebook publications, etc
  • Video marketing
  • Guest blogging
  • Email communication
  • PR

Time changes everything

The digital revolution of marketing has completely changed the types of jobs and today's business and has changed the way businesses work to change their marketing role.

As today’s consumers are rapidly turning to e-commerce, it has become an ongoing challenge for companies to ensure the best online market experience for customers.

“As a consequence, they’re specifically chasing qualified and motivated talent to succeed in this rapidly changing area.”

Endless possibilities

Today, MBA students can explore a wide range of career careers, including roles that focus on identifying and connecting brands, getting new insights into new customers, and maintaining business relationships with information and analysts.

Use your skills wisely
The MBA, which has experience with a major technological firm in a related field such as FMCG or with a digital transformation experience, can have a strong impact on luxury companies.

However, YEC's Drouard says: "It's not always easy to get into the luxurious kennel coming from another industry, and students need to have a quality and detail look and wish to understand the ever-changing needs of the client."

In recent years, one of the biggest changes in the business school marketing program is the focus on ethics. High profile scandals have been in the spotlight - often unchecked - the power used by digital platforms on our lives; such as Facebook / Cambridge Analytica scandal, which detects that social media users use their data to create manipulative political advertising campaigns.

Said Stephen says, "We have a person who collects, keeps, processes, and uses customer information accurately, legally and ethically.

"We are discussing such issues in a wide range of topics, and there are many topics that always occur."

According to him, there are many misconceptions about how consumer information is stored and how it is used in digital advertising.

Stephen says, "I think once our students understand things like job ads and sensitive advertising - what they can not do - and are able to understand and discuss ethical issues."

But he rejects suggestions that marketing is naturally unethical. "Marketing should be a good force in business and society, and most marketing practices are very responsive."

Whether it is good or bad, one thing is clear: Mad Men's marketing day is over.

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