SNAP 2022: Last minute tips

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SNAP 2022: Last minute tips

The SNAP exam is going to be held on 10 December 2022. It's time to revise all your concepts, formulas, notes, solve mock test series and improvise them; memorize shortcuts and ticks to solve long questions in less time and understand the rules and regulations of the SNAP 2022 exam, so you do not make any mistakes on the day of the exam.

The basic things that you can do in the remaining last few days are-

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Revise important formulae:

The night before SNAP 2022 exam, recall all important formulas, concepts, and theorems before going to bed. Remember, this is not the time to start a new topic or even to do a mock test. Your SNAP preparation must be completed at least fortnight prior to the exam so that you can spend the last 15 days to revision.Review all concepts and go to bed with a clear and confident mind.

Work only on your weaknesses

It is certain that you must have attempted several SNAP mock tests by now. Practicing mock tests help you assess your strengths and your weaknesses. Rather than focusing on everything, make sure to focus only on your weaknesses at this point of time. Since you already know your strong areas, focusing on your weaknesses will give you the confidence to facing the SNAP 2022. 

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Accuracy and speed

SNAP is all about speed and accuracy. It is necessary that you analyze where and why you are lagging. Attempt only those questions which you can solve with 100% accuracy, because each wrong answer will cost you 0.25 marks. In SNAP 2022, you will need to solve 130 questions in 120 minutes; which means you will get approximately 0.92 minutes to solve each question. Do not waste your time on a question you find difficult. If you can't solve it in a minute, leave it and go ahead.

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Brush up the basics of grammar

Practicing the verbal ability section entirely might be a difficult task now, thus aspirants must focus on brushing up only the basics of grammar and must highlight the common errors one tends to make in usage of grammar. Revising the basics will keep your concepts clear and will be extremely helpful when you would be appearing for SNAP 2022.

Glance through new idioms/phrases

Glance through new idioms, phrases, slangs so that you are better informed for handling verbal ability section. Also, pay attention to the usage of words (etymology and context), so that you can score maximum marks in the VA section. 

Focus on latest news/events

It is a good idea to stay updated about all the general knowledge questions and current affairs, but at this point of time one of the best things to do is to focus on the latest news events. More than focusing on events of all the previous months, it is advisable to go through events of the past two months. 

Revise analytical and logical reasoning; Don't start afresh

SNAP aspirants must ensure that they revise the analytical and logical reasoning sections only if they have been practicing it regularly in the past months – do not start fresh. If you have not been practicing for these sections, it is strictly advisable to leave the section altogether. Starting this section at this moment will only leave you puzzled. 

Keep calm and stay confident

Keeping calm during SNAP 2022 is essential to not miss minute points which may get you score better than expected. Read the instruction carefully. Even if you find the SNAP question paper difficult, don't panic. Keep a calm mind and solve the question you know you can. More than the aptitude and knowledge, you need to requires a strong mental strength to crack competitive exams. It is extremely important to have faith in yourself and not worry about the aftermath of the exam.

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