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An MBA degree is prestigious as it is accepted worldwide. With more and more Universities including MBA courses in their curriculum, many students are opting for this valuable course. There are several types of MBA; you can choose anyone depending on your criteria. In this article, we take a quick look at career choices after the MBA specializing in marketing, finance, Human resource, Information technology etc. The scope of is very good in today’s market trend.

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MBA in Marketing

MBA in Marketing is one of the oldest disciplines of management study. If you are interested in the entertainment, media, promotions, advertisement, sales, and general management field, then the marketing is appropriate for you. The marketing is the heart of any organization. The MBA in marketing is involved in the sales and services of the products, competitions and market trends of the business.MBA is a 2-year degree program. You can choose the interested specialization out of the Finance, marketing, human resource, operations etc. Marketing is one of the trending specializations of Master of Business Administration (MBA). Every year, a large number of students opt for MBA in Marketing across the country. To get the admission in MBA you should have a graduate degree in any discipline with good percentage.

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Jobs & Career

The students, who have done the MBA in marketing, have a lot of job opportunities in government and the private sector. You can be part of direct marketing or digital marketing. By the growing technology in the world, the concept of marketing is not limited to the door to door sales. You can do the marketing by the social media, pay-per-click, web designing, search engine optimization, search media optimization and articles. The candidate having the MBA in marketing degree can earn the 40000 to 65000 per month in India.

You can play the role of following positions in an industry:

  •         Marketing Manager
  •         Brand manager
  •         Asset Management
  •         Corporate sales
  •         Market Research Analyst
  •         Sales Manager
  •         Media Planner
  •         Product Manager
  •         Head of Digital Marketing

Skills Required

  •          Excellent Communication Skills
  •          Strategic thinking and planning abilities
  •          Ability to Convince another person
  •          Problem-solving and analytical skills
  •          Ability to perform market research and analysis


MBA in Finance

Finance is one of the most sought after specialization of MBA. A big community of students is attracting with this specialization. It is one of the oldest disciplines of management courses  In the last of the 19th century, it was the subject of Economics. Finance as a subject involves the management, control and review of the collection, investment and resources of money as a capital required for an industrial building, plant and working. There are some other specializations in MBA curriculum, then after what is the scope of finance. 

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Jobs & Career

There are lots of job opportunities are offered in the MBA (Finance) qualified in the public as well as private sector”.Finance MBA can work in the banking and non-banking sectors. You can work anywhere in the corporate world.

The students, who have done the MBA in finance, have a lot of job opportunities in government and the private sector. He/she can be a part of the stock market, top-notch organization, finance ministry, and related organizations. Besides an MBA finance with CA can run his own business.

You can play the role of following positions in an industry:

  •          Asset Management
  •          Corporate Finance
  •          Corporate Banking
  •          Credit Risk Management
  •          Derivatives Structuring
  •          Hedge Fund Management
  •          Private Equity
  •          Treasury

After pursuing this course, you can find job placements in various areas such as Financial Institutions, Banks, Financial Consultancies, Colleges & Universities and various government and private firms & companies.

MBA in International Business :

Today, every business in the world intends to expand itself internationally. His age is competitive, and everyone tries to get money. Knowing yourself in the international market is one of the factors that indicate you are in a race. Many industries and organizations employ International Business graduates to represent their companies and their work with sound and practical knowledge. MBA students in International Business are a post-graduate program that provides sufficient knowledge and training for all core skills required for International Business. It is the degrees intended to develop managers' resources and capabilities in the global economy. Academic education began in 1946 by the United States Foreign Trade Institute.

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Jobs & Career

International Business is a career program that offers a great deal of career for international and transnational companies. With the growth of international business, the demand for individuals grows with an understanding of the world markets and deep knowledge.Students with an international business degree can be part of a private and public sector. This specialty gives you a great opportunity to work in the world market and around the world.IB department can join MBA companies in the international market, international placement offices, import and export departments of companies, global transport companies, global tourism sector, international consulting firms and international logistics and courier companies. There are many job opportunities in India and abroad. You can also work in financial institutions, the banking sector, securities companies, hospitality and travel and tourism industry.

There are lots of job opportunities not in India but also in abroad. You can also work in financial institutions, the banking sector, securities firms, hospitality & travel and tourism industry.

You job titles of this career prospective are:

  •          Export managers and executives
  •          International business consultant
  •          Consultant
  •          International Business Development Manager
  •          International Marketing Manager
  •          International Finance Manager
  •          Global Business Manager
  •          Export coordinator
  •          Account Manager
  •          Brand Manager
  •          Management Consultant
  •          Marketing Manager
  •          Project Managers
  •          Material Manager
  •          Supplier Manager
  •          Investment Banking Manager


Human resources management is the process of recruiting and developing employees according to the organization's requirements. Students are always thinking about why the MBA at HRM. There are some specialties in the MBA program, then what is HRM coverage. In fact; Industrialization all over the world. In many countries, many industries are built. HRM is the foundation of any industry for the skilled and knowledgeable workforce.

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Skills Required

  • Effective Communication Skills: An important factor for communication skills in equal communication. If you are good at communicating with the people, we will be in the organization of the union.
  • Quality of Surveillance: This quality is under the control of a young person in every area where you need it. You need to create the quality of directing your small employees.
  • Planning ability: This skill is a crucial part of creating a favorable environment for your company. At the same time, it is necessary to know the best ways of planning and creation with the development of people working in your company.

 Jobs and Career

There are various job opportunities available in human resources management. employers (employers) to hire and manage employees in all areas, hiring, reimbursement, remuneration, training and development, and ensuring that the worker's performance is in line with company policy.

MBA can work in industrial, corporate, colleges and schools and MNC at the HR Masters Degree. There are enough jobs in India and there is a great opportunity to work overseas abroad.

Some of the job titles of this field are:

  •          HR Generalist
  •          Staffing Director
  •          Technical Recruiter
  •          Compensation Manager
  •          Employee Relations Manager
  •          Employment or Placement Manager
  •          Director of HR Training and Development
  •          Organizational development and change consultant.

MBA in Operations

Operation management is a process that we can use in any processing industry. It covers all the management work needed to turn the raw material into a final product.

 Skills Required : 

The key skills needed for a good operating manager are:

• Candidate must understand a series of organized processes for the effective implementation of the work.

• Good Communication Skills - A transaction manager should have an effective contact with members of the organization, their managers and customers, so that the organization can be easily.

• Understand the company's financial status

• Good leadership quality

The role of the operating manager:

The role of an operational manager is to control the production of goods and services in an organization.

• Manage various departments, such as procurement, storage, and production.

• Operations Manager is responsible for ensuring that the company operates properly and effectively.

It is a duty manager of the company that provides the services/products that meet the expectations and requirements of customers and customers.

Jobs & career

 A great deal of space for career prospects comes from experts in operational management. It is a good place for career and job opportunities. The best part of this specialty is IT, Insurance, Finance, Manufacturing, HR, Hospitality, Retail, Construction, Transportation, and Consulting, which is compatible with any industry.

 Some of the job titles of this field are:

  •          Operations Executive
  •          Assistant Manager Operations
  •          IT Operations Administrators
  •          Deputy Manager – Cinema Operations
  •          Area Operations Manager
  •          Retail Operations Manager
  •          Operations Manager
  •          Process re-engineering Managers
  •          Manufacturing consulting Managers
  •          General Operations Managers
  •          Plant Manager
  •          Channel Manager for GSM operations

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