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 CMAT 2019 Preparation Tips

 CMAT 2019 is a national level MBA entrance exam held for admission to MBA and PGDM programme. Common Management Admission Test (CMAT) exam date is January 20, 2019 (Tentative). The Mba entrance exam is conducted by AICTE every year as per the directions of MHRD, Government of India.

The national level MBA entrance exam is a computer-based test of three hours duration.

CMAT 2019 registration fees 1400/-

How to prepare CMAT 2019 in few days!

CMAT 2019 preparation tips: Know the Syllabus

·         Gain familiarity with the syllabus. This will also help you focus on the topics from which the questions are asked in the exam.

·         While most of the questions are based on the basic concepts, some of the questions in CMAT 2019 can be tricky and may require a lot of logical thinking.

·         Be it algebra, menstruation, percentages, idioms & phrases, matrix arrangements, number series or current affairs, you need to focus on all the topics while preparing for CMAT exam.

CMAT 2019 preparation tips: Mock Tests

·         Practicing mock tests is one of the most important CMAT 2019 preparation tips for students. Mock tests help you in a number of ways.

·         Writing mock tests can provide useful insights into the exam. Moreover, it makes it easier for you to understand their strengths and weaknesses.

·         Practicing mock tests in a simulated environment can go a long way when it comes to removing the fear of exam. Also, it boosts confidence.

CMAT 2019 preparation tips:  Time Management

·         In CMAT 2019, or for that matter any other management entrance exam, time management is of crucial importance.

·         In CMAT 2019 exam, you are allotted 180 minutes to answer all the questions and it should be ensured that the time is utilized well.

·         Also, you must have a clear ideaon how much time you should spend on different sections. Don’t spend too much time on a particular question and answering the easier questions first is always a better strategy.

CMAT 2019 preparation tips:  Strong Fundamentals

It is important to understand that most of the questions in CMAT exam are based on basic concepts. Having a strong knowledge of the fundamental concepts can help you score well in the exam. Learning the basic concepts is not enough, how to apply them is also essential.

CMAT 2019 preparation tips:  Practice the Shortcuts

There is no denying the fact that CMAT is a conceptual exam. However, learning the shortcuts is of great importance. It is one of the most effective ways to increase the speed and solve several questions in less time.

CMAT 2019 preparation tips: Stay Calm

Many students tend to get anxious while preparing for CMAT and other management entrance exams. As the exam day approaches, many students lose focus. Anxiety and stress can have a negative impact on the candidates’ performance in the exam, and therefore, must be avoided.Pursuing your hobbies and interests is one of the best ways to keep the stress at bay. Music, exercise and good sleep are some of the most effective ways to reduce the stress.

With the above-mentioned CMAT preparation tips 2019, the candidates can easily crack this exam. Having a steady preparation routine will help the you get a good score in CMAT 2019 exam.

Just remember,

Just start with your strongest section and have order of your control”


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