8 tips for NMAT by GMAC preparation strategy

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8 tips for NMAT by GMAC preparation strategy

NMAT by GMAC 2022 Exam is scheduled to be start on October 10, 2022. Application dates close on October 10, 2022.  Aspirants are left with a really very little time for preparation. So buck up and keep practicing. One should concentrate on the preparation strategy for the exam. Revising things without any strategy won’t be fruitful. If you are focusing to crack the exam use this precious time for preparation.

Bookmycolleges.com helps you in preparing some strategy for the NMAT 2022 exam. Here are some tips that you can look forward. Taking into thought the time left and therefore the test problem level, we hope the ideas guide you to the trail of success:

  • Practice, practice, practice: Practicing with none strategy is not worthy. Design a method for your follow. raise inquiries to yourself like, what to subject to organize at what time, what proportion time to devote to that, once to start out revision so on. Choose the right question with a speedy reading habit and it’s better to improve the speed within the allotted time by practicing more and more.
  • Try to make your weak areas sturdy and strong areas stronger. To do this here are some tricks

           a) First practice and understand solved examples

           b) Then, follow unsolved exercises

           c) Next, move on to Mock Tests

           d) And at last, solve last years’ NMAT by GMAC papers

           Try to follow around twenty queries in every step for every of the subject.

  • If you're assured regarding any topic or subject, then do not waste your time practicing odd questions. Attempt to work upon their shortcuts and mock tests. Initially start solving five to six test in a week and then move up to 8-9 tests. So note down your silly mistakes and common errors in each test you take so that you can avoid them in the future.


  • In 120 minutes you have to attempt 120 questions in NMAT by GMAC, which means you've got simply a minute for every question. Thus, to crack the test it becomes necessary for you to learn and use good shortcuts/ short tricks. You can refer to shortcut tricks which are provided by your mentor/ guider. Even you can find shortcut tricks which are available online on various websites.


  • Initially dedicate your whole month of September to clear all the basics. By the end of September, once your basics are clear you can easily prepare for mock tests. Take out all the questions of the last few years in the last few days is the best deal. There are chances of repeating questions from previous years. Try to spent time in clearing your doubts and learning the basics.



  • In the last few days revision should be on the top of your mind. If your basic concepts are clear then more you are confident of attempting a successful paper. Try to revise the basics of all the subjects to get a high score.


  • Don’t stick with one particular topic for many days trying to solve in a few hours and try to switch on the different topic of the different section. Prepare daily chart in which each and every section will cover, it will help you in solving the mock test as well as increasing your solving speed. Even at the time of revision switching between different sections is very important.


  • To prepare for the verbal ability section it is necessary to read a lot of books and concentrate on increasing your vocabulary. For the quantitative aptitude section, it is important to clear your basics thoroughly and try to solve as much as possible. This section requires time management and accuracy, so you need to solve with fast speed and accuracy. And lastly, for the logical reasoning section, the questions are very easy but they are very time consuming so you must practice and solve a lot of problems.


These are some Tips for NMAT by GMAC  that can help you in preparing for the exam. If you have a better strategy, go with that. Don’t waste your time on random things. Just remember

 “ All the late nights and early mornings will pay off ”. All the Best you will definitely crack the test.

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